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Commission Coloured Pencil

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Commissioned Coloured Pencil Artwork | Portrait & Landscape Colour Pencil Drawings

We can all appreciate a quality oil or watercolour painting however have you ever considered a coloured pencil or pencil drawing to create your portrait?

You will find the texture and results very realistic and creative in bringing the portrait into an art form in a different way.  

I have recently completed commissions for a couples anniversary, a clients cat and other pets and a sports action shot.  All were very different, which the clients were very pleased with the end result. I even completed one of a celebration cake which is now in the shop window of a café.

The coloured pencil style sketch of a portrait will be very different and will be a talking point on your friends and relatives. I will be able to bring out the character of the person in the portrait in a very special way.

 Although the idea of pencil sound easy however the use of the colours with light and dark and the blend is a skill of an artist to create that celebrate or memory art.

Please have a look in the gallery for you to experience what I am able to create for you.
Don’t forget, I can be commissioned for any pencil or coloured pencil in a variety of sizes
So why not try a coloured pencil drawing which will be realistic, creative and memorable which will compliment your other art.