Signature Art: River Avon Autumn Sunset

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River Avon Autumn Sunset Acrylic Painting 

I so enjoyed completing this painting as a piece of memory art!
When I was a young boy, I grew up I Bournemouth and my father used to take me fishing along the Avon (we never caught much).

The River Avon is in the south of England, rising in Wiltshire, flowing through that county's city of Salisbury and then west Hampshire, before reaching the English Channel through Christchurch Harbour in Dorset.

There are so many beautiful places to remember, including this acrylic painting of the River Avon at sunset. 

The River Avon Autumn Sunset painting is 20inches by 16 inches and is painted in Acrylic. I am continuously completing my own memory art, mainly forest scenes and seascapes. I'm also able to take commissions for personal scenes of memory art

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original was painted in  acrylic and is not available for sale 

An original would be available on a commission basis please call

the stretched canvas comes  with a free hanging kit

the  high quality paper print is HD print on 275g/m² premium photo pape